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My Story

I am a self taught paper artist who creates “quilted paper cut” designs by placing folded strips of handmade papers within an original paper cut.  I entered the field of design after a twenty-five year career in the neurosciences. The patience and precision for the paper cut technique comes from my experience as a micro-surgeon studying the recovery of peripheral nerve after injury and the applications for spinal cord injury and repair. The art came forward when I took a break from research and realized that after spending 25 years working on research teams in windowless research facilities that I had an insatiable need for self-expression and the vibrancy of color.  For me, the scientific method comes into play when I explore the transferring of my designs to various surfaces such as:  paper, tile, marble, ceramics or fabric.

In 2005, I founded Paper Confections Design, an eco-friendly company now located in New Marlborough, MA producing original artwork, hand crafted 100% cotton stationery, and surface design. I enjoy partnering with and licensing my design to companies that source and manufacture their products in the USA.  I  am currently  partnering with Sea Bags of Maine and Lark Fine Foods of Massachusetts.  My original designs are printed on recycled sailcloth totes, beach bags and pillows.  I also print on sustainably quarried Vermont marble.  All products are proudly designed, printed, sewn and crafted in New England. 

My original quilted paper cuts, prints and stationery have been featured in fine art galleries, private collections and retail stores throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe. 

In September of 2018, my husband and I welcomed our first grandchild.  Of the many different forms of art I've dabbled in, I think the art of grandparenting may be the most enjoyable yet!

Rebecca Schreiber